Asteroid that measures 2 times the Empire State will pass close to Earth tomorrow

This Thursday, April 28, NASA has reported that An asteroid classified as “potentially dangerous” will pass very close to Earth.

This Apollo-type asteroid was named as 2008 AG33, which was detected on September 27, 2003 and whose dimension is equivalent to 2 Empire State buildings, It will be at its closest point to the planet this Thursday at noon.

The asteroid was discovered by the Lemmon Survey in January 2008 and will be at 0.02167 astronomical units, equivalent to 3,218,688 kilometers, reports NASA, which estimates that in its next approaches, scheduled for 2029 and 2045, it would pass 72,420,480 kilometers from the Earth’s atmosphere. .

Despite its size, which has a diameter between 350 to 780 meters, and the speed at which it moves, NASA clarified that the chances of a collision with the earth are minimal.

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