ASTRO, The Refreshing Idols, Share Stories Of Youth On “Drive To The Starry Road” Album

The wait has been worth it and ASTRO’s new comeback It has been truly extraordinary. AROHA is enjoying the new songs that the South Korean band, made up of JinJin, MJ, Cha Eun Woo, Moonbin, Rocky and Sanhaincluded in his third studio album “Drive to the starry road” (in Spanish, “Driving to the starry highway”).

In a statement, Fantagio Entertainment, the agency that represents the group, said that the boy band will take over the music industry this summer as the “refreshing idols”.

Regarding this new album, Chan Eun Woo expressed during a virtual press conference: “We have captured the path that ASTRO has walked, and the path that we will walk in the future.”

moonbin He added that this year STAR has entered its seventh year since its debut, and as time goes by, they have grown in many different aspects, “I think that was captured well in this album, you will be able to see ASTRO’s more mature and experienced image.”

The album “Drive to the starry roads” includes 11 songs: five group (which fuse mature emotions and special love towards AROHA), and six solo songs. “Since it’s our third full album, we include a solo song from each member for the first time, we perfect this album in a colorful way by expressing our individual colors,” he mentioned. JinJinleader of ASTRO.

ASTRO debuted with their mini album Spring Up on February 23, 2016. Photo: Fantagio Entertainment

The main song, “Candy Sugar Pop”, is a sweet and upbeat song that blends old school funk and disco genres. The idols sing the phrase “Candy Sugar Pop” as a nickname for a lover, amplifying the group’s playful and refreshing energy. JinJin, Moonbin and Rocky participated in writing the theme.

The other group songs are: “Something something”, “More”, “Light the sky” and “Like stars”. These are the solo songs on the full album “Drive to the starry road”:

  • MJ-“Story”
  • JinJin- “All day”
  • Cha Eun Woo – “First Love”
  • Moonbin – “Let’s Go Ride”
  • Rocky – “S#1”
  • Sanha-“24 hours”

“We’ve been working on composing and writing lyrics, now we think we have the strength to fully lead a song, that’s why we include solo songs,” he said. Rocky at the press conference.

“Drive to the starry road” is a album prepared to convey the feeling that ASTRO and AROHA are always together. Contains the story of the youth of JinJin, MJ, Cha Eun Woo, Moonbin, Rocky and Sanha, as well as the past, present and future that will walk with their fans.

East ASTRO’s new comeback took place a couple of weeks after singer-actor Kim Myung Junbetter known as MJ, enlist for compulsory military service. “We try to promote in an exciting and enjoyable way to fill the place of our talented hyung, the five of us work hard so that you can feel those aspects when you are watching our performances,” Moonbin said.

For its part, Sanhashared the supportive words he received from MJ, before leaving for the military, “He told me that I have done well so far as the maknae, so I will be able to do well even when he is gone.”

ASTRO at the virtual press conference, where they presented their new album. Photo: Fantagio Entertainment

STAR, which debuted in 2016, has been loved by fans at home and abroad, through various conceptual activities. In addition, the six members have established themselves as Representative “all-round artists” in the entertainment industrynot only on stage, but also in writing and composition, acting, performing arts, and musicals.

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The boy band will perform at the end of next month “The 3rd ASTRAD to Seoul”, their first concert in almost three years. “Instead of an ambitious goal, I want to create many precious memories, we will diligently promote so that our energy is transmitted,” Sanha expressed.