At 19, Brazilian Lorraine Cutier Bauer Romeiro was a fashion influencer by day, a drug dealer at night

The young influencer used to share content about style and fashion, but at night she transformed herself to go out and sell drugs.

Different public figures have managed to transcend for different reasons ranging from their ways of dressing, their work, their philosophy or perception of life to the lifestyle they can get to give themselves, very different from most of the people who follow them, consolidating themselves as people or examples to follow.

This happened to young Lorraine Cutier Bauer Romeiro, a 19-year-old influencer who dedicated her life to fashion by day but, in reality, led a tortuous life behind her that involved a drug trafficking network.

The young woman was arrested for leading this “double life” related to organized crime; according to what was stated by the police in Sao Paulo, Brazil, she used to work and circulate in Cracolandia, the neighborhood best known in this city for being dedicated to drug trafficking and the high amount of drug addicts.

Influencer by day, narco by night

Lorraine was captured in the city of Barueri, where the authorities confiscated more than 400 doses of crack, cocaine, marijuana, and ecstasy; sometime after her arrest, the young woman confessed that in a hotel located in downtown Sao Paulo, she had a space to store all kinds of drugs.

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During the day, the young influencer was dedicated to interacting with thousands of people worldwide who followed her for her content. Still, at night, she was a different person, as she stripped off all her elegant clothes and luxuries to wear even looser clothes and sweatshirts to hide her face; in the abovementioned neighborhood, she went out to manage this drug trafficking network.

She led a double life

Her Instagram account has over 100 thousand followers, where she usually shares her trips, routines, and private life to keep her audience captive; now, she is also known as the “Gatinha da Cracolandia” for her “extra” activity.

About her life, it is known that she grew up in a very wealthy family that was considered a millionaire, so even about this second life, not much was known, as everything seemed that the lifestyle she led was practically perfect since even her parents did not know that she was dedicated to this type of illicit activities.

She was arrested and had to serve her sentence. PHOTO: Special
She was arrested and had to serve her sentence. PHOTO: Special