At 82, Carmen Salinas debuts in Tik Tok showing her ability to move her hips

Tremendous surprise was taken by the users of Tik Tok when registering the entrance of the actress Carmen Salinas placeholder image to the famous platform, this after viralized the “daring” video with which the famous made her debut. How did the networks react? Here we tell you.

Regardless of age or profession, more and more people decide to give Tik Tok a chance, and the producer of the staging “Aventurera” was no exception. Through your Twitter account, published a “taste” of the content that his followers on the short video social network will have access to.

“Doing TikTok with my daughter Adriana Fonseca, a wonderful actress, woman and friend that I love so much and also already wears my shirts with memes”: the host wrote to accompany the short, but fun clip in which he is seen dancing the classic theme The bomb next to the actress.

However, it was the effusiveness and great rhythm of the actress that unleashed the furor on social networks. As evidence of it, The messages of affection and congratulations to Doña “Carmelita” were not made waiting, since it has decided to “stay ahead” and “join the trends.”

“Beautiful !!! Queen mother is unique, with all respect and affection we say so “, “How funny is Aunt Carmelita, we love her very much”, “How beautiful”, What a beautiful Tik Tok “and” You are a carmelite genius, greetings from Chaco Argentina “, are some of the comments that are read under her publication.

It was thanks to this video that Carmen Salinas unleashed the furor not only on Tik Tok but on different platforms, causing more and more people to remain expectant about the content that she will share and if, as in this first approach, she will have others guest artists.

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