At Karol G’s concert, Greeicy’s humor shines through an unexpected moment

Greeicy's unexpected deodorant application at Karol G's Miami event leads to humor and fan support, while cryptic posts raise relationship questions.
  1. Greeicy’s impromptu gesture at a Miami concert showcases her authentic charm, winning over the audience amidst the city’s humidity.
  2. Social media buzzes with supportive remarks after the singer’s humorous take on her candid on-stage moment.
  3. Amid the concert’s chatter, Greeicy’s cryptic Instagram stories fuel speculation about her relationship with partner Mike Bahía.

While thousands gathered in Miami, Florida, to enjoy the beats of Karol G’s U.S. tour following her performance in Los Angeles, California, a small, candid moment stole some of the spotlight. The concert, featuring hits like “Bichota,” “Mi ex tenía razón,” and “Mamiii,” was attended by several national celebrities.

Among them was Carmen Villalobos, who passionately sang along to every song, and others who either resided in the U.S. or had purchased their tickets in advance to witness the Colombian singer’s show.

Yet, as the night progressed, a candid incident involving the artist Greeicy caught the attention of many. As the heat and humidity of Miami took their toll, cameras captured Greeicy applying what appeared to be deodorant under her arms.

“Wing Slap?” – A Lighthearted Response

Upon realizing she was on camera, Greeicy looked surprised. A companion jokingly asked, “¿golpe de ala?” a colloquial reference to the unpleasant smell that can arise from excessive sweating or lack of deodorant. With her characteristic good humor, Greeicy joked that it could also remedy bad breath.

This candid moment quickly made the rounds on social media gossip pages. Netizens reacted with amusement and supportive comments, such as: “I’d do it a thousand times; no one wants to smell bad,” “She’s so prepared, not everyone carries deodorant in their purse,” and “I love her down-to-earth personality. Greeicy is everything that’s right in this world.”

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A Series of Cryptic Messages

However, it wasn’t just this lighthearted moment that caught the attention of Greeicy’s followers on social media. Through her InstaStories, she shared a series of cryptic messages that left fans concerned. The worry was amplified by speculations regarding her relationship with her partner, Mike Bahía, with whom she has a son named Kai.

“There are very bad people, and they’re usually very close,” Greeicy posted on her Instagram, which boasts over 22 million fans. She added that only God is the true judge, emphasizing that nothing can be hidden from Him: “Lie? To anyone. But to Him, it’s impossible. Wow, wow, wow,” she stressed.

The Colombian singer continued with another post, suggesting that one shouldn’t fear the constant changes in life. While admitting that such shifts can be frightening, she believes life “removes and adds with wisdom.”

For now, Greeicy has not explained these posts, leaving fans in suspense. They await an official statement to discern whether these messages hint at a change in residence or, as previously rumored, a possible separation from Mike Bahía.