At last they will carry out rehabilitation work in Costera de Bacalar

After the insistent claims of entrepreneurs, finally next Monday the rehabilitation work Of the call Bacalar coast, a project in which 50 million pesos will be invested.

The municipal president, José Contreras Méndez, confirmed the start of the work, while asserting that they already inform the establishment owners that are located in that tourist area so that they can take their forecasts.

We are warning about the closure to circulation the days that the works in this first phase will last … we hope that the impact will be minimal; The most important thing is that this, which has been a long-standing request from Bacalerenses, will finally be attended to.

The Municipal President stressed that finally the Magic Town will have an avenue at the height of an important tourist destination such as Bacalar.

He specified that the investment will be 50 million pesos, contributed by the State Government, and considers the modernization and rehabilitation of the so-called Costero Boulevard, with a length of 3,780 meters long.

By the way, he acknowledged that, due to the December holiday season, the work that will begin this Monday will be suspended on December 18 and will be resumed until next January 7.

Will there be no affectations?

They will finally carry out rehabilitation work in Costera de Bacalar.

We do not consider that there will be any delay, we trust that it will be completed in a timely manner, but it will be important that vehicles are not parked in that period in the area where the project will start to avoid accidents.

However, some businessmen have expressed their disagreement over the closure to circulation that will continue for three weeks that will suspend the work, since it is precisely on those dates when more tourists go to their businesses that are located on the coast.

For now, they continue with the patching program in 2,300 square meters of streets and avenues, to renew the urban image.