At police funeral Wilbert Mora condemn wave of armed violence in New York: “How many more lives will be taken from us”?

Thousands of police officers saying goodbye to their partner Wilbert Mora on 5th Avenue in NYC.


How many more lives of those who protect us will be taken by violence and crime? How many mothers? How many mothers, how many children will have to lose their families, go through this trauma and these kinds of tragedies? Karina Mora asked rhetorically today in Spanish, before thousands of people who attended the funeral mass of her NYPD brother, Wilbert Mora, at St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York.

Mora (27), the second Dominican NYPD officer who died last month while responding to an act of domestic violence in Harlem, saved five lives by donating his organs, after spending four days in intensive care. The other young officer killed while responding to a domestic violence incident on January 21, Jason Rivera (22), was also of Quisqueyan origin, and his mass mass was held in the cathedral on Friday the 28th.

Both went posthumously promoted to Detective First Grade by New York Police Commissioner Keechant Sewell. “He was a true leader, an outstanding police recruit, an exceptional officer, and the first generation in his family to join a profession that asks brave men and women to leave their own families every day to protect and help others.” , highlighted Sewell on Mora, against the Mayor Eric Adams and Governor Kathy Hochul, reported NBCNews.

As Rivera’s widow did that day, today Mora’s grieving sister criticized the penal system from the pulpit, asking how many more officers had to die in the line of duty before anything changed. “It hurts me to know that two exemplary young men, like Officer Jason Rivera and Wilbert Mora, were taken from us before their time,” said Karina. “Two young people who wanted to make a difference and change in their city with their service and sacrifice.”

Delivering the eulogy in Spanish, Karina added: “Now I just wonder, how many Wilberts? How many Jasons? How many officers must lose their lives for this system to change?”.

As he continued to praise his younger brother, he went on to describe how he constantly feared for Mora’s safety when he was growing up on the dangerous streets of NYC and later when he joined the police, citing New York Post. “Wilbert Mora was a young man full of dreams, dreams that will remain incomplete today,” he said. “He was the joy of the house. No matter how tired he was when he got home from work, Wilbert lit up the house with his smile.. And today that light goes out, painfully, forever.”

“Wilbert Mora was a young man full of dreams, dreams that today will remain incomplete”

Karina Mora, sister of the murdered NYPD police officer

karina too he enunciated the increase in crime in the city and demanded to know who was responsible. “Who is responsible for preventing these kinds of tragedies from happening?” he asked, before urging officials to “take action.”

Sumit Sulan (27), a third young officer on the scene, shot the gunman Lashawn McNeil, a 47-year-old ex-convict, who died on January 24 in the hospital after shooting police officers Rivera and Mora, raising alarms from violence in New York and causing a condolence message from President Joe Biden.

So far in 2022, six police officers have been shot in NYC, two of them fatally: Rivera and Mora. Following the rise in armed violence in 2020 and 2021, particularly among young gang members and/or victims, 2022 started with the same trendrepresenting a great challenge for the new mayor Adams, former NYPD officer. According to the latest figures, there were 21 incidents of shootings Last week, from January 24 to 30, a 75% increase compared to the same period in 2021.

NYPD Detective Chief James Essig claimed that McNeil had used a pistol. Glock 45 to shoot young officers in the head Rivera and Mora. NYPD later announced with a photo on Twitter that a rifle had also been found. AR-15 assault rifle, under McNeil’s mattress.

In the recent past, several factors that analysts, union leaders, politicians and citizens themselves have linked to the rise in violence Are the controversial bail reforms in NY state in force since January 2020 with the support of then Governor Andrew Cuomo; the massive release of prisoners to avoid contagion by the coronavirus; the mental health crisis with more homelessness in the streets and the Metro; and the reduction of funds to the police promoted by the City Council and then Mayor Bill De Blasio. Adams has promised to reverse that situation, but has encountered obstacles in the state Assembly.