At risk of dying, Kalimba had an encounter with God

Kalimba was at risk of drowning as a teenager (Photo: Kalimba’s Instagram)

Kalimba is one of the most popular figures on the Mexican music scene, and with more than 20 years of experience, the singer has grown up in the eyes of the public since he was a child.

Recently the actor also shocked the public by revealing himself as “Apache”, one of the characters from the third season of the reality show Who is the mask?, a contest of which he was crowned the winner after several weeks of keeping his identity anonymous.

Now he’s also a DJ told an episode of his personal life that very few know: when he was about to die as a teenager, at which point he claims he was able to meet God.

Kalimba Who is the mask
The musician chatted with Infobae Mexico about “the great adventure” of putting himself under the skin of a fantasy character (Photo: Televisa)

As part of your attendance at podcast of youtuber Roberto Martinez, Kalimba revealed that at the age of 16 he went with his family on vacation to the beaches of Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca, where he was close to drowning, a moment that, he assured, changed his life.

And it is that the member of OV7 stressed that as a child they did not instill any faith or belief in him, since his father is an atheist. Nevertheless, After the accident at sea where he was close to losing his life, he began to believe in a supreme being.

“My sister got into the sea, she doesn’t know how to swim well and then the sea, in the surfing area in Puerto Escondido, is very rough. She shouldn’t have gotten in there, she got in, she was drowning, her boyfriend and I went for her and just when I was going to grab her, He elbowed in despair, he hit me in the face and I swallowed water, I fell into a whirlpool and the sea threw me about a kilometer to the right”He recalled.

Kalimba currently professes the Christian faith (Photo: Instagram)
Kalimba currently professes the Christian faith (Photo: Instagram)

The singer of Hitting bottom He recalled how at that moment his mind “went black”, so in an unconscious state he began to feel the presence of God.

“I felt in a room with a presence of someone in front of me who did not say anything, it only made me feel a lot of peace, he did not say anything, nothing, he was only there and it was security. I told god: ‘If I didn’t believe in you out of ignorance, I apologize. I didn’t believe in you because nobody educated me to believe in you, but in the end I don’t know if you exist or not ‘. How curious that before dying the first thing I felt was fear, what if I made the wrong decision, what if I decided not to believe in something that does exist ”, he explained.

After that scare and already recovered, Kalimba began to believe in God and to pray. The faith of the singer Shabadabada today it is Christianity.

“Well, I didn’t drown and soon after I started talking with him. Before that experience, I believed that it existed, although my father would not let me. I started reading the bible and started on the diet. I started to go on a diet, I started reading what God said and I started to put it to the test, to see if it was true and to see if it was true that doing what he said had the result he said. He did not fail in a single one and to this day he has not.”He added.

Following God and reading the bible have helped Kalimba live with purpose (Photo: Instagram)
Following God and reading the bible have helped Kalimba live with purpose (Photo: Instagram)

“Those of us who believe in Christ as a savior, the greatest gift that I have in the world is someone who can erase my mistakes by giving me the ability to enter a perfect heaven.”

However, this episode did not represent a promise for the singer, but everything was flowing in his faith:

“I didn’t drown, but I didn’t promise Diosito either that if I didn’t drown I was going to believe in him, no. When I didn’t drown, I thought: ‘For some reason you resonated in my head when I thought I was going to die, because I’m going to give you the opportunity to see if you do exist,’ “he recalled.


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