Atlanta SWAT officer performs CPR and saves the life of a 4-month-old baby who was not breathing

Atlanta police perform CPR on a minor and he becomes a hero.

Photo: ESSA AHMED/Getty Images

The life of a four-month-old baby who was not breathing was saved by a SWAT officer of the Atlanta Police Department (APD), who administered CPR while paramedics arrived.

In a chance encounter on Friday, Special Police Officer (SPO) Robert Oden, who was patrolling the area of ​​the Martin Luther King Corridor, followed a car driving down the road with its hazard lights on and its horn “honking frantically” to investigate if it was a possible case of emergency.

The car stopped at a nearby fire station, at which point the occupants rushed out and approached Oden for help.

The officer’s body camera recorded the tense situation, in which a woman can be seen approaching him and handing him the 4-month-old babywho was “not breathing” at the time, according to authorities.

After checking the baby’s pulse, Oden could not detect it, so the SPO “notified the radio dispatch of the situation and began administering CPR.”

After a few moments, in the images you can see that the little one begins to breathe, move and make noises while the officer continues to perform the survival maneuver

Oden successfully obtained a pulse before emergency services arrived on the scene and transported the baby to a hospital.

Through Facebook APD noted: “Officers never know what to expect during their shift, they just show up ready to go.”

“SPO Oden’s actions were prompt, calm, caring and professional. This is another example of the heroic work officers do on any given day. Their response reflects a high level of training, preparation, and compassion. We could not be more proud of him at this critical time,” she added.

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