Atmospheric river will leave heavy rains, winds, snowfall and floods in the Northwest starting this Monday

In some areas of the Northwest, up to 8 inches of rain could fall on Monday.

Photo: Justin Sullivan / Getty Images

Another atmospheric river will bring rain, snowfall, flooding and strong winds to the Northwest of the United States as of Monday, according to AccuWeather. The weather system is scheduled to enter the country beginning Tuesday morning in Idaho and Montana.

Although continued rains in recent weeks have ended severe drought in Washington and northwestern Oregon, rivers are now very full and if more water falls, they could overflow, causing flooding in nearby towns.

On Monday, the rains are expected to fall first in Astoria, Oregon and Seattle with up to two inches of water in one day. In cities like Seattle and the surrounding areas, they will see almost triple that amount, so the experts recommended taking precautions, as flash floods can occur in some sectors.

In addition to the rains and floods, strong winds will also be a threat to the Northwest as of Monday, which could cause trees and power lines to fall on streets and highways in the area.

For northern Washington, in addition to the rains and strong winds, a few inches of snow are expected to fall that could work against those looking to travel on the highways on Monday because they may find the road full of snow, which could even be treacherous for some.

The storm will continue to move inland early next week, probably bringing dangerously strong wind gusts to eastern Washington, northern Idaho and through Montana, and traveling can become extremely difficult, especially for high-profile vehicles in typical wind-prone areas, ”said Brandon Buckingham of AccuWeather.

These atmospheric conditions will continue until Wednesday and, on Thursday, another atmospheric river is scheduled to arrive that will affect Northern California through the weekend. but the rainfall is not expected to be spectacular like that left by the bomb cyclone in late October.

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