Attack on Twin Towers, film predicted action by terrorists

  • They claim that the movie Back to the Future predicted the attack on the Twin Towers
  • The event occurred 20 years ago in New York and left hundreds of deaths
  • Theory indicates that 10 years before the tragedy it was warned

Twenty years after the tragedy, they assure that the film Back to the Future predicted the attack on the Twin Towers on September 11, 2011, thanks to a conspiracy theory that circulates on social networks, according to a publication of the news portal of The Sun.


The famous film was released in 1985 and years later the terrorist attacks took place in which hundreds of people died and the emblematic buildings collapsed when two planes directed by terrorists crashed.


Attack on twin towers
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There is a video that circulates through YouTube in which Marty McFly warns of the terrorist attack on buildings and so far, that material has been seen by more than four million people around the world.

It was in the scene of “the Twin Pines shopping center”, in which it narrates an alleged attack by “Muslim terrorists” from Libya, for which reason and other coincidences, it is said that this tape predicted the fatal date in the United States.

Attack on Twin Towers: WILL IT BE TRUE?

Return to the future
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And it is that in the video the word “twin” means a reference to the Twin Towers. Also, you can see how when you turn the mall sign, the numbers on the clock point to 911, which translates to September 11 (month 9) and the emergency number for the United States.

Furthermore it is said that precisely the twin pines are apparently a “symbolic representation of the Twin Towers”. Before the attack, the “twin” pines are there, but then the word twin is changed to solitary, and the pines are replaced by one, as with the One World Trade building.


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Another of the coincidences that are shown in the same scene, is when Doc shows two stopwatches, which show coded 911. Also, the twin pines are seen in Back to the Future Part II, on a projection screen at Marty’s next house.

In the film, Marty’s family appears gathered around the screen when the twin pines are exchanged in the Twin Towers. With this the video ‘supports’ that the twin pines represent the Twin Towers, and the Twin Pines Pall is the commercial center of the twin towers. Filed Under: Attack on Twin Towers. To see the video click here.

Attack on Twin Towers: ASKED TO SAVE HER

Attack on Twin Towers
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But in the video, the controversy continues, since it is said that of the three characters who observe the Twin Towers on the screen, one of them is turned over, the theory indicates that the scene must be “observed from their perspective” and so on ” it is clearly shown that the Twin Towers are falling ”.

The tape is an “elaborate warning” of what would happen on September 11, 2001, the video says. Marty’s character knows the exact date and time when the clock tower will be hit and asks to save it before “it is struck by lightning and a” giant 911 in flames ignites in the street. “


Return to the future
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But the coincidences increase as the video progresses and it is that as is known, the film Back to the Future represents the “future” of October 2015, and in October 2015, a film of the Twin Towers, called The Walk, was released.

And that’s not all, the film Back to the Future that was released in 1985, and The Walk were directed by the same man, Robert Zemeckis. The video explains that the movie Marty’s family was watching is, in fact, The Walk from 2015. Filed Under: Attack on Twin Towers

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