Attention: which companies in the US are already beginning to charge for returns of products you buy online

Before placing your next order online, it's best to review the store's return policy very carefully, as you may be charged if you need to return something.

It is very common for people to return items if they are not happy with the fit or color. However, you should start to be careful with this practice, as more and more stores are charging customers to return merchandise.

The retailer H&M, for example, announced that it is about to begin testing return fees in select cities. Likewise, in June, Zara began charging a $3.95 fee on returns made through third-party drop-off locations (though not at the company’s own stores), as recommended by Bankrate.

Other stores, such as Anthropologie, Foot Locker, J.Crew, and Urban Outfitters also charge return fees, which generally only apply to merchandise mailed to the company. These fees generally amount to between $5 and $10 per return.

The reason these stores are charging returns is that online sales are getting very expensive for them, all due to inflation, high gas prices, labor shortages, and disruptions that have occurred in the supply chain.

It is already very complicated for stores to ship merchandise to customers, and the process gets worse if they have to make a return.

Not only do stores have new shipping costs, but they also lose the staff time they need to sort returns.

In addition, companies have also realized that many customers order multiple versions of the same item-in various sizes or colors-knowing that they can return the ones they don’t like without penalty. Therefore, starting to charge for returns forces people to think twice about returning a product.

For all of the above, it’s best to check the store’s return policy before you place your next online order, especially if there’s a good chance you’ll want to return something.