ATV accident, actress Ingrid Martínez denounces case

  • ATV accident almost caused a tragedy
  • Actress Ingrid Martínez denounces a lack of care
  • Your daughter was exposed to the unit falling on her

ATV accident. The actress and host Ingrid Martínez became hysterical when a tragedy almost happened to see how an ATV almost fell on her daughter, according to a publication made by Univision’s Instagram page.

Everything happened through social networks when the actress, very upset and desperate, related what had happened, which is why she wanted to publish the video to record the dangerous situation that had happened.


ATV accident
Instagram photo

In the images you can see the people who gathered in the place, and the desperate actress cries to explain what happened, because in an instant she did think that a tragedy would happen, since she was very close to falling on the little girl.

This situation put her on alert and nervous, which is why she wanted to report the situation on social networks, so that there would be evidence of the lack of care of some tourists who walk on the beaches without restrictions, she said that about the ATV accident.

ATV accident: RESCUE

Ingrid Martinez
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“I am going to upload this video, holding on to the urge to cry because of the damn scare that we just got, my husband, Martina and I were playing here, alone, there was no one, and as always 12-13 year old kids, irresponsible, driving ”, said enoajada.

“We have been yelling at them to slow down, which is not peripheral, I have seen children of 4 and 5 years old riding motorcycles, I want them to see this, it is crazy. They fall from there, the motorcycle turns and when they literally came rolling almost in the air, Rodrigo had to run to pick up Martina, ”he said crying about the ATV accident.


Instagram photo

And she assured: “The motorcycle almost fell on her”, after a few hours, the actress shared that after the scare her daughter was fine: “It is that Martina was more scared by the discussion and the screaming because the truth, because Rodrigo and I were super angry “.

And he added: “Thank you because we were nowhere near experiencing a tragedy” and took the opportunity to ask the authorities not to allow this type of activity on the beaches and especially that they be prohibited for minors who do not drive them. To see the video click here. Filed Under: ATV Accident

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