Audios Juan Gabriel. They reveal audios that would prove that he is alive.

  • In an interview, Juan Gabriel’s ex-manager reveals audios that the singer sent him
  • Its alive? The rumors grow every day
  • He reveals what the audios that “El Divo de Juárez” sent him contained

Audios of Juan Gabriel appear that would prove that he is alive. In an interview with the influencer Dulce Gipsy, the former manager of “Divo de Juárez” brought to light a series of audios that the famous singer supposedly sent him, proving that he is alive.


“When or at what time was the last time you spoke with Juan Gabriel?”, The Mexican influencer begins by asking sharply, to which without hesitation and with a smile on his face Joaquín Muñoz Muñoz replied: “Well, a while ago” .

Juan Gabriel’s WhatsApp audios revealed

Juan Gabriel's WhatsApp audios revealed
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Later, the great trust that exists between the interviewer and the ex-manager of Juan Gabriel, this allowed him to see his chatas with the singer: “What an impression we are reviewing the conversations that Joaquín Muñoz has on WhatsApp with Juan Gabriel.”

The influencer begins to review WhatsApp, and shows the long conversations with the Mexican singer who is supposedly still alive on camera. “Have you done this before, Joaquín?” Asks Dulce Gipsy in the video posted on Facebook.

Juan Gabriel’s WhatsApp audios that had never been released

Juan Gabriel's WhatsApp audios that had never been released
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“No, nothing else with you,” the ex-manager answered bluntly, who later told him an anecdote about what another reporter did who interviewed him and caused the “fury” of “El Divo de Juárez.” According to his story, the woman would have taken the phone from him without permission, causing Juan Gabriel to react.

“On May 28, 2021 he sent you all these unreleased songs that have never been released to the public, only you have them,” says the influencer Dulce Gipsy as she shows the ex-manager’s WhatsApp and they begin to play some of these audios.

“He sends you songs all the time and sings to you”

"He sends you songs all the time and sings to you"
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“Only I have them,” said Joaquín Muñoz Muñoz about the unpublished songs that Juan Gabriel supposedly still sends him. Later, they played one of these audios and a man is heard singing in an identical way to “Divo de Juárez”.

“He sends you songs all the time and sings to you,” the interviewer tells the ex-manager. Then he begins to reveal a bit of the content of the conversation with the Mexican singer who is supposedly still alive. “A love situation that you know, that you are accomplices.”

They send him a message after showing Juan Gabriel’s WhatsApp audios

They send him a message after showing Juan Gabriel's WhatsApp audios
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Dulce Gipsy, the influencer who conducted the interview, said she was very excited to hear the supposed voice of the singer in the audios that the ex-manager shared with her. Later, Joaquín Muñoz Muñoz and the interviewer took a photograph to send to the Mexican singer.

Just as they were preparing to record from another part of the house of Juan Gabriel’s ex-manager, “Divo de Juárez supposedly answered. “Tell him that I only suffered a sugar decompensation, poor diet and the medicine will send it to you in a while,” the influencer read.

Shows the room that Juan Gabriel shared with him

Shows the room that Juan Gabriel shared with him
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The influencer also said that the manipulation of the messages, something that Joaquín Muñoz Muñoz has been constantly accused of, could not be possible because the “Divo de Juárez” supposedly answered at the time when both the interviewer and the interviewer were together. exmanager.

Afterwards, the revealing interview continues, and that is, Juan Gabriel’s close friend shows exclusively for Dulce Gipsy the room that he shared with Alberto Aguilera Valadez “Juan Gabriel”, something that Gipsy thanked repeatedly.

Reveals secret of one of the most famous songs by Juan Gabriel

Reveals secret of one of the most famous songs by Juan Gabriel
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“This is the bedroom where Alberto (Juan Gabriel) and I stayed.” The elegant room with gold details, wooden furniture, flowered curtains and sophisticated lamps, is shown in the video of just over 10 minutes.

Later, Joaquín Muñoz Muñoz took a series of photographs of the Mexican singer. One of them showed the “Divo de Juárez” from the port of Acapulco, lying on the ground, with a white puppy at his side. This photo caused one more ‘revelation’ about the most famous songs of the composer and singer.

Confess to whom he dedicated the special song

Confess to whom he dedicated the special song
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According to the interviewer, the song “Amor eterno” by Juan Gabriel is not made for his mother, but for a great love that he had and precisely lived with the “Divo de Juárez” in the luxurious city of Acapulco, “There lived Marco , to whom did he make the song ”.

Juan Gabriel’s ex-manager revealed the above by quoting an iconic phrase from the ballad. “Dark loneliness I am living, the same loneliness of your grave, you are the love of which I have the saddest memory of Acapulco,” said Joaquín Muñoz, remembering the lyrics.

“He had to shoot himself”, reveals how the “great love” of “Divo de Juárez” died

"He had to shoot himself", reveals how the 'great love' of the "Divo of Juarez"
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“How is that going to be for the mother?” Asked the ex-manager with a sarcastic tone. The video continues to show images of the luxurious home in Mexican paradise. Later, the ex-manager revealed how was the tragic love of Juan Gabriel that supposedly inspired them to create the song.

The mother of “Divo de Juárez” would be the one who gave the terrible news of the death of “Marco” to the singer. “They went on an excursion to climb Popocatepetl, they were drunk and began to play Russian roulette and he had to shoot himself,” said Joaquín Muñoz.

Juan Gabriel’s ‘paranormal’ experience with his ‘great love’

Juan Gabriel's 'paranormal' experience with his 'great love'
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The man later revealed that in one of his multiple trips, they had to live a ‘paranormal’ experience. “We went to bed to sleep and they started making a lot of noises, and we stopped and said: do you know what Joaquín? It is the spirit of Marco, the last time he had been in Venezuela was with Marco ”, said the man.

The video shows throughout the revealing interview shared on Facebook, multiple photographs of Juan Gabriel in presentations, with his family, as a young man and with various of his characteristic costumes with which he captivated his followers for decades.

“The most beautiful song” made by the “Divo de Juárez”

"The most beautiful song" made by the "Divo de Juárez"
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“He put the two photographs in the bathroom, in the sink and lit a candle … And the noises stopped,” said Muñoz. “The most beautiful song that I am going to do … is going to be for Marco,” Juan Gabriel allegedly told the ex-manager before his death.

When talking about other artists who have come out of the closet, they pointed out that “it was not easy for him” to ‘open up to the world and his followers about his sexual orientation. The interview concludes by showing more photographs and records of the “Divo de Juárez”.

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