Auditorium collapses during election campaign event in Brazil; there are 9 dead and 31 wounded

The incident took place in the suburb of Itapecerica da Serra in Sao Paulo.


An auditorium hosting a campaign event ahead of Brazil’s upcoming elections partially collapsed on Tuesday, killing nine people and injuring at least 31.authorities said.

The accident occurred during a visit to a shipping container company in Sao Paulo state by candidates running for Congress and the state legislature, officials said.

Congressional candidate Ely Santos and state legislature candidate Jones Dozinette are among those injured in the crash in the suburb of Itapecerica da Serra in São Paulo.

Images posted online by state emergency services showed rescuers sorting through the shattered remains of a stage and bleachers tilted at nearly vertical angles from the collapse.

There were 64 people in total present at the time, authorities said.

“We are doing everything possible to ensure that the rescue operation proceeds as quickly as possible,” Sao Paulo state emergency services spokeswoman Luciana Soares said in a statement.

Brazil is scheduled to hold federal and state elections on October 2.

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