Author of “Mary Poppins” always hated the film made by Walt Disney

One of the first cinematographic successes of waltdisney It was “Mary Poppins” which was a movie and a musical. It was even the delivery of the company that won all the nominations at the Oscars.

Also, its characters, such as the protagonist played by Julie Andrewsand their songs accompanied by incredible choreography that are remembered to date by fans.

However, the original author, PL Traversfrom the novel on which “Mary Poppins” was based, was not at all pleased with the delivery of Disney and even hated her all her life. Next, we tell you the reasons for it.

Why did the author hate the “Mary Poppins” movie made by Disney?

The author of “Mary Poppins” hated the animated parts. Cover of the novel of the book of “Mary Poppins”.

One of the main reasons why PL Travers hated “Mary Poppins” from 1964, the movie and musical created by waltdisneywhy it had inaccuracies with the novel that the author wrote.

Initially, the writer did not accept that Disney will make a film of his novel, so it took the company about 20 years to accept. They were interested in creating it because the daughters of waltdisney They admired his novels.

After accepting, he did not like almost anything about the film. The animated scenes didn’t make any sense to him, nor did some of the words that were used like the tongue twister: “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious“.

He also disagreed with the actors (Julie Andrews and Van Dyke) who were cast. However, the only performance of his novel that she liked was a British play. He knows other movie stories from Disney in American Post News as the true story behind “The Little Mermaid”.

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When was the first “Mary Poppins” novel published?

Cover of the novel of the book of “Mary Poppins”.

The book on which they were based for the movie “Mary Poppins” of the famous Disney company, was published with the same title in 1934, written by PL Travers.

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