Authorities arrest 5 people in relation to the homicide of Hispanic police in attempted robbery in Los Angeles

The detainees are in the custody of the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department.

Photo: FREDERIC J. BROWN / AFP / Getty Images

Five people were arrested on Tuesday afternoon in connection with the homicide of a Hispanic police officer who was off duty in an armed robbery attempt Monday night in the Florence neighborhood of Los Angeles.

According to information from the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, three men and two women were arrested in Florence this Tuesday afternoon for having an alleged relationship with the shooting in which the 27-year-old Hispanic officer Fernando Arroyos died.

Arroyos, a 3-year LAPD member assigned to the Olympic Division, was shot near 87 Street and Beach Street Monday night.. Investigations indicate that three suspects who were traveling in a black van approached him, apparently an argument took place and an exchange of shots arose, in which the policeman was injured.

Authorities said Arroyos was looking for a house together with his girlfriend, whom he was with at the time of the shooting..

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department indicated that so far no one has been charged with the Arroyo homicides, while the names of the five detainees were not provided.

On Tuesday morning, a procession escorted Arroyos’s body from the hospital to the forensic office.

Companions and friends of Arroyos they described him as a brilliant, modest and dedicated person.

People close to Arroyos mentioned that he had two dreams in life: the first was being the first person in his family to go to college, which he achieved by graduating with honors from UC Berkeley, and the second was to become a Los Angeles police officer.

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