Authorities Investigate Another Possible Oil Spill Off The Huntington Beach Coast

A crew works cleaning oil that reached the shoreline near the Santa Ana River.

Photo: PATRICK T. FALLON / AFP / Getty Images

State and federal authorities are investigating an oil “glow” detected in the ocean, near the broken pipeline that caused the big oil spill last month in front of orange county, in the south of Californiaauthorities said.

“It’s a light shine, not a smudge,” said the US Coast Guard noncommissioned officer. Richard Braham. “The Coast Guard and [el Departamento de Pesca y Vida Silvestre de California] they formed a team. They are currently investigating it ”.

A response team to the Marine contamination was investigating the 30-by-70-foot brightness, Coast Guard authorities announced around 1:30 p.m. Saturday. The source of the glow had yet to be determined and it was not immediately known when it was first detected.

Braham said the oil glow was reported to cover an area 70 feet by 30 feet and compared it to the multi-colored eddies that appear in the water when diesel gas is spilled on a pier. Divers who work for Amplified Energy, the company that operates the oil rigs and pipeline that caused the spill, reported the glow.

At approximately 3:15 pm, the Coast Guard reported that the glow is not “currently observed by overhead and water assets. The old synthetic glass wrap was removed from the pipe and a new wrap was installed. Crews will monitor the line overnight to ensure its effectiveness. The pipeline has been closed since the initial incident on October 2 ”.

The Orange County Supervisor, Katrina foley, said on Twitter that “Coast Guard Petty Officer in Charge Richard Brahm said the substance does not immediately resemble what officials saw last month.”

The reported oil glow comes about seven weeks after a ruptured offshore pipeline off the Orange County coast spilled approximately 25,000 gallons of crude oil into the ocean.

Authorities from the US Coast Guard and the National Transportation Safety Board believe that an anchor from a cargo ship struck a pipeline off Huntington Beach and ultimately caused the oil spill that occurred in October.

Oil slicks washed ashore, greasing birds and forced Orange County beaches to close for days. Post-spill cleanup efforts took nearly a month.

Coast Guard investigators on Thursday identified a second ship believed to have been in the area of ​​the October spill.