Authorities investigate whether Britney Spears hit an employee

Authorities investigate whether Britney Spears hit an employee

TO Britney Spears A new legal front has now opened up for him beyond his fight in the courts to put an end to the guardianship to which he has been subjected since 2008.

It was revealed that She is being investigated for the minor offense of assault, after she allegedly beat a member of her domestic staff.

As reported by TMZ, Britney is the main suspect in the investigation being carried out by the Ventura County Sheriff’s Department after an employee filed a complaint claiming that the singer had beaten her during a dispute.

It is known that there have been no serious injuries to mourn, but the crime of injury occurs when there is “physical contact” with another person.

Then, the singer now faces a misdemeanor charge and, ultimately, the investigation will be forwarded to the prosecutor’s office for review.

In the meantime, Matthew rosengart, Spears’ attorney, pointed out that the events did not unfold as explained in the report.

According to the artist’s version, she only struggled with his housekeeper to try to take the phone she was holding in her hands and at no time would he have attacked her.

“This is a tabloid tabloid, exaggerated, nothing more than a ‘he said, she said’ regarding a cell phone, no blows and obviously no injuries of any kind,” the attorney responded to the indictment.

The sheriff’s office hopes to conclude its investigation this week and forward its findings to the Ventura County district attorney’s office, which will have to determine whether Spears should be charged with the misdemeanor assault.

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