Authorities warned of theft and fraud against P-EBT card owners in Southern California

P-EBT cards offer access to CalFresh benefits.

Photo: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Orange County authorities issued a warning about the increase in thefts and scams of P-EBT card holders in Southern California.

Investigations suggest that the scammers created fake internet sites and tampered machines to steal money and data from cardholders when they make a payment.

P-EBT cards allow their owners access food benefits from the CalFresh program.

Orange County Social Services representatives said There has been a lot of skimming and scamming to people when they use their cards in stores.

Authorities have found that many of the machines where customers use their cards have been tampered with.

The devices They look like the ones that are usually used to buy products in storesbut are actually controlled by scammers.

Faced with this problem, the California authorities will send new P-EBT cards to many beneficiaries with a new number. Users were also advised not to share their passwords.

Another way that has been discovered to steal money and personal information from users is through fake internet sites.

The funds and data of the beneficiaries are stolen from fake internet sites when people try to register to find out their balance and review activity on your cards.

The danger of these fake online sites is that they ask the user for their personal data and they can steal your identity.

As protection, it is recommended not provide personal data if requested because it could be a possible scam.

Users must ensure that the page they enter is the official page for P-EBT cards, to carry out any procedure or inquiry about their accounts.

If you have suspected of being a victim of fraud with their P-EBT cards, users should call 877 328 9677 or to the number on the back of your card.

In this contact they can help you to recover up to a month of benefits in case they have withdrawn your funds fraudulently.

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