Auto Club of Southern California Proposes Engraving ID Numbers on Catalytic Converters to Prevent Further Theft

Because it makes the catalytic converter theft problem worse, the Auto Club of Southern California offered this week to engrave vehicle identification numbers to try to counter thefts of said parts.

Engraving of the number on the converter is free for members at nearly 20 different locations in Los Angeles and Orange counties.

The VIN number of the vehicle will burn into the catalytic converter.

Although the engraving of the converter does not guarantee that the piece can be stolen by thievesthis practice could discourage them from stealing it.

Replacing a stolen catalytic converter and repairing car damage caused by thieves can represent a cost of several thousand dollars for the people affected.

Theft of automobile catalytic converters has become an increasingly prevalent problem in Southern California.

The Auto Club of Southern California stated that the number of converter thefts more than doubled between 2019 and 2020and almost doubled again the following year.

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