Axe horror: 9-year-old girl and her mother beaten to death in Roselle, NJ

Mother and daughter brutally murdered in Roselle, NJ. Suspect arrested, family demands justice. Tragedy strikes as young Kelsey was to turn 10.

The bodies of a mother and her 9-year-old daughter murdered in a home in Roselle, N.J., were found in the child’s bedroom Wednesday.

CBS New York reports today that Keisha Morrison and her daughter, Kelsey, relatives said they were beaten to death inside the home. An axe was recovered in the space.

The network also reported that sources indicated that the suspect was arrested out of state and that the bodies were recovered under a mattress and between sheets.

Family members further stated that the person was allegedly in the house when the police arrived. However, he was able to get into the victim’s vehicle and escape. The NBC report specifies that authorities located the BMW vehicle that the woman had recently purchased in Maryland. Evory Morrison was reportedly arrested there.

The motive for the crime is unclear, and authorities have released minimal information about the case.

We demand justice for my niece. She did not deserve this. We demand justice for my sister-in-law,” Atasha Scott said.

According to Scott’s account, when Morrison’s husband arrived, he had to break down the door to the woman’s room.

When he entered the room, he stumbled upon the crime scene,” Scott revealed.

The man called the police.

“Unfortunately, Kelsey and Keisha are dead, and that’s what we were told,” the sister-in-law added.

“Kelsey was a firecracker, a strong personality. Keisha was quiet, and I never saw her angry,” she described.

The youngest was supposed to turn 10 this weekend, so her family was planning a trip to Disneyland.