Aylín Mujica shows off her hips by wearing a sexy pink bodysuit

Aylin Mujica.

Photo: JC Olivera/Getty Images

the followers of Aylin Mujica in Instagram They have been very pleased with the recent publications of the actress. These are photos taken by uriel santana in which she appears showing off her statuesque figure in a tight pink high-cut bodysuit and sexy lace lingerie.

In several videos, the beautiful actress was seen in the gym, wearing sexy outfits and performing different routines, sometimes accompanied by her friend. Ayessa Garcia. One of the messages she wrote was: “And I said to my body: ‘I want to be your friend’ she took a deep breath and replied: ‘I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR YOU ALL LIFE'”.

After serving as host of the program “Tell me what you know” (which stopped airing over a month ago) Aylin Mujica He has dedicated himself to promoting various beauty products, but he is already working on a new project; Although he has not given many details, it could be a broadcast -via the Internet- in which he would talk about various topics with Karla Gomez Y Cynthia Bague.

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