Babo from Cartel de Santa joins OnlyFans for this important reason

Babo, known in the world of music for being the leader and vocalist of the group Cartel de Santa, became a topic of conversation on social networks after announcing his debut on OnlyFans, a popular digital platform that stands out for hosting sexually explicit, premium content.

Through his Instagram stories, the rapper from Santa Catarina, Nuevo León, revealed that the content he shares on Instagram constantly violates the rules and the censorship has reached a point where they threaten him with losing access to his account if such a situation continues to occur.

The rapper reported that he is about to lose his Instagram account due to the strong content he shares on it.

For this reason, the interpreter of ‘Todos mueren por mi’ informed his 8.4 million followers that he moved to OnlyFans to be able to share content at ease and without fear of being censored. Immediately, his fans began to follow him on the adult platform and thus not miss out on his controversial publications.

He will not charge his fans for access

To the surprise of the fans, the rapper decided not to charge for access to his profile on said platform.

However, the detail that caught our attention is that he is not charging to access his profile on said platform, at least not for now. It should be noted that his debut has not gone unnoticed by his followers, because in just 24 hours after his debut and with only 3 publications, the rapper has exceeded a thousand likes.

“Here where one can do and say what your eggs are swollen”, reads the description of the OnlyFans profile, same as promises to be a big hit due to the overwhelming popularity enjoyed by the controversial vocalist of Cartel de Santa in all social networks.

Who is Babo?

The rapper has become one of the most controversial figures in the hip-hop scene in Mexico.

According to information circulating on the Internet, Eduardo Davalos De Luna, Babo’s real name, is a prominent Mexican rapper, composer, producer and actor who rose to fame after founding the group Cartel de Santa in 1996 along with guitarist Román Rabia, better known as MonoPlug.

Photographs: Social Networks