Baby Carlitos Calderón sends an unexpected message (PHOTO)

  • Carlitos Calderón goes through a difficult time days after having his baby
  • The driver of Despierta América and his girlfriend are infected with coronavirus
  • Carlitos Calderón breaks the silence and finally reports his state of health

Two days after the lack of Carlitos Calderón became evident in Despierta América, people were alarmed because shortly after having their baby, the driver and his girlfriend tested positive for coronavirus and although they are vaccinated, people were scared of the sudden announcement that they made in the morning without informing their health status.

As irresponsibility, several people crossed out the fact that in the midst of the new wave of the delta variant of COVID-19, several personalities are still relaxed in terms of protection measures, including Carlitos Calderón, whose girlfriend Vanessa made a baby shower, a possible place where both got infected.

Carlitos Calderón broke the silence about his contagion of coronavirus

Carlitos Calderón contagion coronavirus

Although it was not specified what was happening well with the driver of Despierta América, only that he would not appear in the picture for being infected with coronavirus, so he kept a strict quarantine period, the media also indicated that his fiancee Vanessa, who is days away from having her baby, she was also infected.

For how morning shows are mounted advertising every aspect of the lives of their drivers, as happened with Francisca Lachapel, it raised suspicions that Carlitos Calderón did not appear at a distance, as transmitted by several colleagues, which suggested that he was not in good health .

Carlitos Calderón sent a message breaking the silence about his contagion with coronavirus

Baby Carlitos Calderón

Although Raúl González was in charge of giving the news about Carlitos Calderón and his contagion of coronavirus, the information on the state of health of the Despierta América driver was very brief, so it did not take more than a few hours for him to be affected by COVID, will try to calm everyone with a message.

When the news was released that Carlitos Calderón would have a baby, he and his girlfriend Vanessa affirmed that they were 8 months pregnant, so that at the latest at the end of the month or at the beginning of September, they would welcome their son, as Francisca Lachapel did weeks ago.

Carlitos Calderón’s message after being absent from Despierta América, is your baby at risk?

Message from the driver of Despierta América due to coronavirus contagion

“Thank you for so much love and good wishes for me, Vanessa Lyon and our baby boy are fine and calm. We will go ahead first God and his prayers. Take care of yourselves very much! ”Was the message that Carlitos Calderón gave in a photograph on his Instagram where he appears with a thumb up and a blue bracelet alluding to his baby.

The messages of support in the photograph did not wait for the driver: “God with you”, “Everything will be fine my dear Carlitos. God first, so it will be. I love you ”,“ Kisses to all three !!!! ”,“ Hug Carlitos and Vanessa !! God with you ”,“ Many blessings ”,“ Everything will be fine! ”, Expressed certain people.

People do not forgive the irresponsibility of Carlitos Calderón and his girlfriend for their baby

Carlitos Calderón infected with coronavirus days after having his baby

When they received messages of support, also a lot of criticism because apparently, two weeks ago, Vanessa Lyon, Carlitos Calderon’s girlfriend held a big baby shower and apparently it was there that they got infected: “Leave those meetings, you see what happens especially for the baby. nor should they or receive anyone at the moment ”,“ Last year you took better care of yourself, I remember that you had masks for every day ”.

“With all due respect, they don’t understand that they have to take care of themselves, imagine all those who were with them at the baby shower”, “When should he lead by example… .. ??????? ….and works. On television …… ..? I don’t know what people think … ????? ”,“ Jacky, Borja and now Carlos all for being at youth awards parties and baby showers and they are the first to give advice that they don’t put into practice ”, people scolded.

Followers of Despierta América reproach the contagion, thinking of their baby

The driver of Despierta América tested positive for coronavirus

More comments of reproach flooded the Instagram account of Despierta América where what was happening with Carlitos Calderón and his baby was announced: “A couple of irresponsible”, “By God, just before becoming a father, a very unfortunate situation”, “All those who they are on camera on this channel, they are the bad example of the pandemic; They misinform, manipulate, scare and in the end you do the opposite, they don’t respect distance, they don’t use mouth covers, they spend it at parties, trips etc… ”, you can read.

And the truth is that both Univisión and Telemundo had very effective protection protocols against the coronavirus, which have been relaxed to such a degree that they have already held awards and mass events, however, the delta variable of COVID-19 is double contagious and affects people faster than normal, even if you are vaccinated.

Carlitos Calderón is days away from having her baby

Carlitos Calderón baby
Instagram: Wake up America

Carlitos Calderón and his girlfriend Vanessa are days away from becoming parents of their first baby, but unfortunately in Despierta América it was announced that both are infected with COVID and unfortunately they will have to rest, so several colleagues from the morning show will broadcast from home.

A few days after Vanessa, Carlitos Calderón’s girlfriend gives birth to her baby, the state of health of the Despierta América driver and his partner is reported after testing positive for coronavirus with everything and that they are already properly vaccinated.Are they nervous because the contagion of COVID occurs a few days after having the little one?

The announcement of the contagion of COVID by Carlitos Calderón was made known in Despierta América

Partners from Despierta América break the news

And it is that after Francisca Lachapel had her baby Gennaro, it was finally learned that Carlitos Calderón and his girlfriend Vanessa were waiting not to overshadow their partner to announce the news that they would also become parents of a beautiful child .

The announcement of the driver of Despierta América was just two weeks ago and they were already 8 months pregnant, so surely now with the contagion of COVID-19 they will be joining the delivery of the baby of Vanessa, Carlitos Calderón’s girlfriend.

People start speculating and pointing out for not taking care of themselves

Carlitos Calderón infected with COVID with his girlfriend

Raúl González was in charge of announcing the news about the contagion of COVID by Carlitos Calderón and his pregnant girlfriend, for which he very seriously transmitted from his home and claimed that once again, the coronavirus had reached the Despierta América facilities : “Yes, the coronavirus came to us again at the Despierta América house this time, our colleague Carlos Calderón tested positive, that’s why we will be transmitting from home, thank God, Carlos is vaccinated”, was the brief information that he gave in a very serious way that raises suspicions if he is in good health or not …

Apparently, in recent days there was a baby shower for Carlitos Calderón’s girlfriend and based on that, many people assured in the comments section of the video where they announce on the Instagram of Despierta América about the contagion of COVID, that the couple and several they did not take care of their companions …

Did they set a bad example by not taking care of COVID? The driver and his girlfriend Vanessa are infected

Baby Carlitos Calderón

“If everyone is still at parties and meetings even if they get vaccinated, you have to take care of yourself”, “Gentlemen Raul just said Carlos is already vaccinated as soon as we wait for him to have a speedy recovery blessings guys from Wake up America”, “Everyone who went to the baby shower from his wife .. come for not wearing masks and having parties without a mask. That he recovers soon “,” If everyone continues at parties and meetings even if they get vaccinated, you have to take care of yourself, “he said.

People did not forgive the contagion of COVID by Carlitos Calderón and his girlfriend Vanessa days after having their baby and the comments expressed it: “They set a very bad example. They spend it at Disney, doing baby showers without wearing a mask ”,“ It was to be expected, wherever they went and now the pregnant bride !! ”,“ And all those who were at the party exposed to contagion. You have to be more responsible ”.

They did not say if the driver and his pregnant girlfriend were sensitive about COVID

America wakes up again some from home by COVID

“Well, how is the virus going to give them if everyone continues to parties, baby showers and all those things that are not really necessary in these times when not much can be done yet! And the worst thing is that it has health measures or anything! There you have the results! “,” That he recovers soon “,” Quick recovery for Carlitos and that he moves away from his wife since she is waiting baby. God be with you “,” Carlitos hoping in God everything is fine with you and your girlfriend who is nowhere to bring that beautiful baby into the world, “they assured.

For its part, another host of Despierta América assured that they would be praying for the speedy recovery of Carlos Calderón, although by the way they did not specify if he is delicate and even if the girlfriend Vanessa was infected, days after having her baby. which was confirmed by other media. “From here we are praying for the speedy recovery of Carlos so that he will soon be negative, but we are always committed to bringing them all the information they need, so we started the week like this,” said Maity Interiano while Raúl González added: “Later he will arrive Karla (Martínez), she can go to the studio because she was on vacation ”, she said. HERE YOU CAN SEE THE VIDEO OF THE ANNOUNCEMENT OF CARLITOS CALDERÓN CONTAGED WITH COVID Some images of this note come from this video

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