Bad Bunny and Brad Pitt star in fight to the death in Bullet Train

United States.- The first official preview of the Bullet Train movie has sent the Internet crazy. The first images tell a unique story of survival where you will see Brad Pittthe protagonist, fight to the death with several assassins, among these is the Puerto Rican singer bad bunny.

Directed by David Leitch, in charge of films like Atomic or Dead Pool 2, Bullet Train is positioned as one of the most anticipated releases of the year, in the same way, it is believed that it will become one of the favorites. The film is scheduled to be released worldwide in July.

It was a great experience for Internet users to run into the Latin singer of the moment, Bad Bunny, who surprises by demonstrating his good acting skills, playing a character who has a fight to the death with the protagonist and swears revenge on him for ruining him. life.

Bullet Train is based on the story of Maria Beetle’s novel by Kotaro Isaka, where five assassins are chased aboard the same high-speed train bound for Morika from Tokyo, they all try to take a famous briefcase on board no matter the tragic consequences .

Brad Pitt is the protagonist accompanied by a luxury cast such as Sandra Bullock, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Joe King, Michael Sannon, Masi Oka, Logan Lerman and Zazie Beetz, highlighting the participation of Bad Bunny in his debut on the big screen.

In a matter of months, the movie Bullet Train will be arriving in theaters around the world, already an expected premiere, and a story that, he points out, will be a lot of fun, action and emotions.

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