Bad Bunny and Rauw Alejandro compete with particular dances on TikTok to the rhythm of “Party”

The reggaeton players of the moment They launched a duel on TikTok with the theme “Party”in which Raww Alexander collaborated with bad bunny on the unusual album he recently released that has everyone talking. both did some particular dances and followers on social networks left their impressions.

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we already know that Raww Alexander She is very sexy and has a great body with chocolates and everything. In addition to showing off all her movements. The same ones with which she triumphed in her last presentation in New York. bad bunny, meanwhile, cheated with slow movements at first and far from looking sexy. Then she stood out with some pretty extreme steps.

The truth is that these two exponents of the urban genre they do not stop giving something to talk about and conquering the digital platforms of Spotify, iTunes Y Youtube. On the one hand, Raww Alexander has a theme with Shakira, “I congratulate you”. In it, she is consecrated for the second time with an artist of the level of the Colombian. Her first opportunity was next to Jennifer Lopez.

bad bunny It never stops making news. your drive “A Summer Without You” It has 24 songs between them “party” what does he do with Raww Alexander. He himself walks through many Latin musical genres and claims his homeland, Puerto Rico as one of the wonders of the world that everyone should know.

This without mentioning that he will be the next superhero of Marvel and of all the success that his tour had “The Last Tour of the World”. In addition, his new album already has 4 songs in the top 10 of Billboard and breaks the record for being the first Latin artist to achieve this.

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Weeks ago he was listed as the best dressed in the Met Gala 2022 by the best and most exquisite fashionistas in the world. bad bunny arrived with hooks and shoulder pads to the red carpet of the event organized by the magazine fashion. Immediately, the cameras did not stop capturing the irreverence and originality of the Puerto Rican singer.

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