Bad Bunny concert: hundreds of fans were left out, including Kenia Os

Unable to enter the concert, hundreds of fans preferred to stay outside the Azteca Stadium and sing along to Bad Bunny's songs.

Hundreds of fans were left out of Bad Bunny’s concert at the Azteca Stadium.

The causes of this situation are due to the possibility that the tickets were cloned massively.

However, several did not want to miss the concert and stayed outside waiting to listen to Bad Bunny’s music.

No tickets, but they sang!

Standing outside the Azteca Stadium without tickets and gathered in large numbers, several preferred to sing the Puerto Rican songs.

So far, the company responsible for ticket sales, Ticketmaster, has not ruled on the matter.

What happened to the Bad Bunny concert tickets?

Before the concert began, the bleachers looked empty, and many wondered what would happen if a SOLDOUT had been announced.

Thousands of fans were left outside Bad Bunny’s concert after they were denied access due to possible duplication or forgery of tickets.

The event venue, Estadio Azteca, was not responsible for what happened at Bad Bunny’s concert and asked the affected fans to complain to Ticketmaster.

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Azteca Stadium looked semi-empty before the start of the Bad Bunny concert (@hectoreli_ / Via Twitter)

Azteca Stadium canceled access for Bad Bunny fans with alleged false tickets for “security” reasons.

Estadio Azteca stated that to “guarantee the safety” of all those attending the event, the decision was made to cancel access to Bad Bunny’s fans with the alleged fake tickets.

It also urged fans to complain directly to Ticketmaster about the counterfeit tickets.

Estadio Azteca distanced itself from the possible cloning of tickets
Estadio Azteca distanced itself from the possible cloning of tickets (@EstadioAzteca)

Profeco requested a report from Ticketmaster and will investigate a possible crime.

The head of Profeco, Ricardo Sheffield, announced that he requested a report from the company in charge of ticket sales, Ticketmaster, for them to explain what happened to the tickets.

Based on the legality of the facts, they will investigate if the affected persons were victims of ticket counterfeiting.

This way, they can guide them to file the corresponding complaint since this situation is a crime.

After chaos at the Azteca Stadium, singer Kenia Os could not enter the Bad Bunny concert.

The influencer found the surrounding streets blocked by cars and thousands of attendees, which prevented her from accessing her reserved box.

“It’s great, they won’t let me go to my box and everything is totally blocked… all the streets are blocked by so many cars. It’s chaos and I can’t get off, I think the kenini curse of not seeing the bad rabbit is haunting me.”

Kenia Os

Kenia assured that she “really tried and couldn’t” the celebrity explained that when she arrived at the gate, she found thousands of people outside the Coloso de Santa Ursula. She advised her followers to take precautions due to the unleashed mobilization. “Please be very careful. I got off for 3 seconds. It was impossible and chaotic, besides, many people recognized me, and I did not come with security because my access was direct”.

Benito, they won’t let me in but I love you wey

Kenia Os

“In fact, the stadium doors are closed, less than 40 percent could enter = empty show”, “I’m so sorry, it must be frustrating to keep your composure for being a public figure when they just took away an experience that surely you wanted to live,” “Things happen for a reason, maybe when you have the opportunity to see it will be worth double or triple the value, you still have to prioritize your safety,” with messages of encouragement Kenya Os fans tried to make the influencer feel better.