Bad Bunny concerts in Lima at the National Stadium on November 13 and 14: setlist, tickets and general advice

The Puerto Rican singer will give two concerts that promise to exceed the expectations of his Peruvian fans

The moment Bad Bunny‘s fans have been waiting for is getting closer and closer. The famous Latin trap and reggaeton singer will give two presentations in Lima that promise to make his thousands of followers in our country enjoy. Below, we tell you everything you should know about this long-awaited show.

When will the Bad Bunny concerts be in Lima?

The ‘El Conejo Malo,’ one of the most anticipated artists in 2022 in Peru, will be presented on November 13 and 14 in Lima.

Where will Bad Bunny perform in Lima?

The Puerto Rican will perform twice in Lima. Both concerts will be at the National Stadium.

What would be the setlist of ‘Bad Rabbit’ for his shows in the capital?

  • Moscow Mule
  • Me porto bonito
  • Un ratito
  • Efecto
  • Party Tarot La corriente Neverita Ni bien ni mal / 200 MPH / La romana / Estamos bien
  • Te boté
  • Si estuviésemos juntos
  • Si veo a tu mamá
  • Bichiyal
  • La santa
  • Una vez
  • La inocente
  • Memorias
  • Vete
  • Yo perreo sola
  • Safaera
  • Tití me preguntó
  • Yo no soy celoso
  • Yonaguni
  • Callaíta
  • Dos mil 16
  • Diles / No te hagas / Vuelve / Tú no metes cabra / Chambea
  • Soy peor
  • Amorfoda
  • Un verano sin ti
  • Un coco
  • La canción
  • Enséñame a bailar
  • Ojitos lindos
  • El apagón
  • Después de la playa

What are the recommendations for buying tickets for Bad Bunny’s concerts in Lima?

  • Purchase your tickets through the official and formal channels indicated by the event organizer.
  • Do not purchase resold tickets. Remember that you will not have any kind of guarantee in case of a claim.
  • Avoid taking photos of virtual or physical tickets and disseminate them on social networks since malicious people can duplicate them using the barcode, QR code, or ticket number and make fraudulent use of them.
  • Keep payment receipts, advertising, and any other document where the conditions of the show have been informed. These will be useful as evidence in case of non-compliance.

How to nominate your E-Tickets for the Bad Bunny concert?