Bad Bunny rumored to perform at the Zócalo by Claudia Sheinbaum’s reaction

Grupo Firme, Sonido La Changa, Magarita, la Diosa de la Cumbia, Los Akis, and Kumbia Kings are the artists who have performed in the last year

In a press conference, Claudia Curiel de Icaza, Mexico City’s Secretary of Culture, informed that in the following days the next singer to perform in the capital’s Zócalo would be announced. “The head of Government(Claudia Sheinbaum Pardo) is going to give them a surprise on April 10,” informed the head of the agency.

For her part, the head of the local executive wrote on her TikTok account that the Zócalo square will once again be filled with music, dance, and joy. She also asked internet users who would be the guest artist.

In response to this question, several users said they wanted the Mexican singer Kenia Os, Peso Pluma, Harry Styles, CD9, and Mon Laferte, among other artists, to perform. Of all the more than six thousand comments, the one that caught the most attention and with which Dr. Sheinbaum interacted was when user Alberto Hernandez asked her, “Bad Bunny in your plans?” to which she replied with an eye emoji.

It is important to remember that Claudia Sheinbaum previously said she was talking with the team, the interpreter of “Ojitos Lindos,” so that he could perform in the zocalo. Also important to mention AMLO’s request for Bad Bunny at Zocalo not so long ago.

Claudia Sheinbaum reveals clues of the upcoming concert in the Zócalo. PHOTO: Screenshot of ClaudiaSheinbaum.
Claudia Sheinbaum reveals clues about the upcoming concert in the Zócalo. PHOTO: Screenshot of ClaudiaSheinbaum.

Artists who have been in the capital’s Zócalo.

The capital’s Zócalo is a venue in which many, but very few artists have the opportunity to sing; in the last year, several performers have performed. The most attended and the one that broke the record audience was Grupo Firme, which gathered more than 280 thousand people.

Likewise, in 2023 several entertainers and artists recently performed at the Gran Baile de Sonideros, where La Changa, La Conga, Latin Fania, and Sonido 64, among many others, were present; and the “Cumbión en el Zócalo” was filled with a lot of dancing with Margarita la Diosa de la Cumbia, Los Kumbia Kings and Los Askis.