Bad Bunny stars viral AMG performance with Peso Pluma, Natanael Cano, and Gabito Ballesteros

"Discover how Bad Bunny's viral rendition of AMG captivated millions, prompting fans to request a collaboration with Peso Pluma, Natanael Cano, and Gabito Ballesteros in the Mexican genre.

Bad Bunny has become one more celebrity conquered by the popular musical genre on the rise, corridos tumbados. The Puerto Rican singer let it be known on his social networks after sharing a video in which he can be seen and heard singing AMG, a collaboration with Mexicans Peso Pluma, Natanael Cano, and Gabito Ballesteros that has captivated millions.

Going viral in a matter of hours, El Conejo Malo has become a trend through his Instagram account. He shared in a few seconds how he interprets the song composed by Jesús Roberto Laija García and Nathanael Rubén Cano, which on streaming platforms like Spotify already has more than 250 million plays in less than five months.

Although the reggaetonero responsible for worldwide hits in Spanish such as Me Porto Bonito, Tití Me Preguntó, and Si Veo A Tu Mamá did not tag any of the Mexican exponents, he has already reached even one of them, Peso Pluma, who has reposted on his social networks the moment that gave all the internet a buzz for how the Puerto Rican adapted his corrido tumbado voice that has put Mexico in the global spotlight.

La versión con Bad Bunny ha soprendido a miles de fans en redes sociales 
(Fotos: Instagram/@badbunnypr/YouTube de Natanael Cano)
The version with Bad Bunny has surprised thousands of fans on social networks (Photos: Instagram/@badbunnypr/YouTube de Natanael Cano).

With bunny emojis, the Ella Baila Sola, El Azul, and PCR singer shared on his Twitter account his liking and approval for Bad Bunny, something that has also been reflected among thousands of internet users who have expressed their opinion about the interaction of the reggaeton superstar with Mexicans and even more than one has not hesitated to ask the singers to collaborate on a remix of AMG or even released an unreleased tune where his genre or corridos tumbados form an essential part of the song.

“I never imagined El Conejo Malo singing something like this, but I must admit that it sounds great, even if I would buy a remix of this.” “Now that Peso Pluma is all over social networks and streaming platforms, he should look for a collaboration with Bad Bunny.” “Corridos tumbados are not the thing that I like the most, but they are making the world look at us, so it would be a good idea for them to collaborate and that it is not reggaeton, but just this more Mexican genre.” “It must feel super cool that a celebrity of Bad Bunny’s stature not only shares your music on his social networks but even sings it so cool and with feeling,” reacted fans.

What the song “AMG” is about

El cantante de Puerto Rico cautivó al público mexicano 
(Foto: Instagram/@badbunnypr)
The Puerto Rican singer captivated the Mexican audience (Photo: Instagram/@badbunnypr).

“De todo ya pasé, claro que le batallé.

Two or three know it; I’m not the same as yesterday.

Mercedes AMG, G-63 Class

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Even though the single is part of the three singers, in its pre-production, things had been different, as Gabito Ballesteros showed in an interview with YouTuber Ernesto Barajas:

Peso Pluma, es una de los máximos exponentes del género 
Peso Pluma is one of the maximum exponents of the genre (Instagram/@pesopluma).

“El Tito sent it to me. We had the idea of doing something together, Peso and I, and the same with Nata and Peso, and he sent it to me. I was in the studio that day and liked it a lot; when I heard it, I said, ‘Fierro, I’m going to give it a voice right now.’ I jumped in and sent it to him. After a while, I took it to Nata; leaving the studio, I went to his house, and he also liked it, and the three of us. He gave it to me for the media, for the success… Maybe for Peso and me, it wouldn’t have hit, or maybe it would have; the fact is that it did, and it was a success. Now it is thundering”, he expressed.