Bad Bunny’s love life: Rumors with Kendall Jenner and lawsuit with ex-girlfriend Carlis de la Cruz Hernandez

Kendal Jenner's ex is furious about the romance with Bad Bunny and lost his temper on Twitter by mentioning it. He is joined by the reggaetonero's ex, who is suing him.

Bad Bunny enjoys his love idyll with Kendall Kenner, or so it seems. Always in the privacy that most can keep the urban genre singer. However, even the model’s ex, Devin Booker, mentioned it. Something that the ex-girlfriend of the Puerto Rican, Carlis de la Cruz Hernandez, also did, but on a larger scale.

This former partner of Bad Bunny is suing him because she claims that the “Titi Me Pregunt贸” star used her voice without permission in a verse of “Mil 2016”. They allegedly recorded the chorus in 2015, and Boricua has continued using it. This comes amidst rumors of a romance with Kendall Jenner.

The story with her and the ex-boyfriend is that apparently, Bad Bunny mentions something about Devin Booker in his song “Coco Chanel” with Eladio Carrion. “The PR sun is warmer than the Phoenix, and she knows them.” Recall that Kendall Jenner’s ex plays for the Phoenix Suns. The NBA basketball player responded to the Bad Bunny on Twitter, “He’s preoccupied with another man again.”

From the comments on Instagram, one can decipher that Jenner’s ex implied that Bad Bunny is more interested in men. Of course, none of those involved have made direct mention of this. Bad and Jenner were recently together eating sushi, and Kylie Jenner was also with them.

Bad Bunny and Kendall Jenner’s friends.

The multi-award winner, including a Grammy, Latin Grammy, and Billboard, has also been frequenting Kim Kardashian’s sister’s friendships. Among them are Justin Bieber, his wife, and Kendall’s best friend Hailey Bieber.

After Grammy night, where Taylor Swift bitched with Bad Bunny and fell for the charms of Puerto Rican beats, Kendall and the reggaetonero were allegedly spotted kissing passionately at a bar in Los Angeles.

After that, they had dinner with the Biebers. Deux Moi website said that when Justin releases his album in the summer, it would include a collaboration with Bad Bunny. We will have to wait for the moment to come and see if it is true and if the lovebirds affirm or deny the relationship.