Bad father and partner: Chicharito Hernández details the true reasons for his divorce

Chicharito Hernández confessed that he was not the best father or the best husband.

Photo: Xavier Hernández / Imago7

After months of rumors by alleged infidelity, the Mexican soccer player Javier “Chicharito” Hernández broke the silence regarding his divorce with Australian model Sarah Kohan, mother of her two children.

In an interview with The Ringer, the LA Galaxy forward confessed that he was not the best father nor the best husband. In addition, he mentioned that when his grandfather passed away it affected him that Kohan returned to Australia.

“He was not the best partner he needed to be, he was not the best father he wanted to be. He was not a great friend, he was not the great human being that he wanted to be “Hernández recounted.

In this sense, he added: “I have always been very sensitive. Many times I tried to hide it. I realized that I had to. I am not the tallest. I am not very big. I am not very stereotypical male. We see a man cry, we think he’s weak, but we’re all human“.

Rupture of Chicharito Hernández

The footballer and the model contracted marimono at the beginning of 2019. They are both joined by their two young children: Noah and Nala Hernández, who were born in 2019 and 2020, respectively.

In June of this year, Sarah filed for divorce for formally separate from Hernández. In addition, according to the media, he demands a maintenance of around the $ 100 thousand dollars a month, to justify that has not been part of the daily upbringing of their children.

With 14 celebrations, the Mexican is inamong the top 10 scorers of the season from the MLS, three from the Norwegian Wave kamara, scoring leader. LA Galaxy, for its part, is located in sixth in the Western Conference.

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