Balenciaga sells “dirty” and nearly “destroyed” sneakers for $1,850; networks explode

With a limited edition of 100 pieces, Balenciaga released a “destroyed” and “dirty” sneaker priced at $1,850.

Photo: Courtesy / Courtesy

Balenciaga, the European fashion house, launched a tennis model that has caused a stir in the market and on social networks due to its appearance, condition and high price.

This is the sports tennis line “Paris High Top Sneakers Full Destroyed”, which shows a dirty-looking, ripped-up high-top sneaker in a choice of two shades, black or cream, priced at an exorbitant $1,850.

Among the characteristics of the product that appear on the website, it stands out that the shoe has rips throughout the fabric, a Balenciaga logo stamped on the edge of the toe, and another graffiti on the sole, in addition to having a vulcanized sole .

After the product was uploaded to the web, the images, taken by photographer Leopold Ducheim for the brand, soon went viral on the internet.

According to the fashion brand, there are only 100 pairs of shoes of this model “extra destroyed” limited edition. There are other not-so-destroyed versions of the shoe priced at $495 and $625.

Through a statement, the brand, based in Paris, France, said that the sneakers he launches “are designed to be worn for life”this in the face of excessive consumption and fast fashion that many clothing brands carry out.

As expected, the reactions on the web were immediate. Sites specializing in sneakers questioned whether the trend of “aged sneakers” was taken too far with this launch.

For her part, the head of editorial content for GQ France, Pam Boy, said through a response on Instagram that the product’s message is “buy and keep forever.”

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