Banda Los Recoditos premiere new musical album

As it had already been warned that this year would be a very overwhelming one in terms of musical premieres, and it is precisely what is being seen in this first month of 2022, as is the case of Banda Los Recoditos that through its new musical release that It’s called I feel like they want to cheer up their fans.

Just yesterday this melody was released and it is already raising many expectations in the group, because a few hours after the video was released it already counts. with a good number of visits.

What is the song about?

This production brings seven melodies of which they previously made known to the public “Crying in a car of the year”, which was the first single that was promoted, “Jealous in love”a beautiful ballad very much in the style of Recoditos, “what a drunk”a very happy cumbia with very funny lyrics and “The Saint of the People”a corrido that they recorded together with the young talent Jovanny Cadena

This production is complemented by “My return to the ranch”, a melody dedicated to those people who for some reason left their place of origin; the ranchera “Who are you cheating on” and finally the song that gives this EP its name “I feel full blown”, a melody that had its national premiere in the United States on the Univisión Radio network, and that starting today will also be heard on all the stations of the Mexican Republic.

“I feel full force” is a country ranchera written by Eladio Flores and Jesús Uriarte, who portray in their lyrics how the simplest things in life are the ones that make us feel full force. It is a very fresh and positive song, and that is why Los Recoditos decided to give this name to the album since it perfectly describes how to make music, and be part of a stage.makes them feel at their best, becoming one of the most important things in their lives.

Throughout its history, the group has been able to take its fans through different emotions, telling positive stories, singing to love, heartbreak and joy, experimenting with new arrangements that fuse elegantly with the band, since each of the melodies has the necessary ingredients to be a favorite with the public.

‘I feel full blown’ is now available on all digital platforms, as are the videos that make up this EP and which can now be enjoyed on the band’s official YouTube channel.