Bandai and SPY x FAMILY create an Anya Forger Tamagotchi

Bandai has officially announced a new two-piece Tamagotchi series dedicated to the lovable pink-haired telepath from the anime series SPY x FAMILY, Anya Forger. Next, AmericanPost.News share the features.

The new Tamagotchi by Anya Forger she arrives in various guises, including in her usual Eden Academy attire, pajamas, detective, witch, and more. Her character can play a variety of games including dodge and a “spy” word matching game.

Anya’s Tamagotchi can also express a variety of emotions including joy, shock, panic, sadness, and “heh”. Other features include feeding Anya her favorite food, peanuts, with other foods yet to be revealed. We previously reported that a cosplayer manages to recreate Anya Forger’s faces.

Image: Bandai / Anya Forger’s Tamagotchi – SPY x FAMILY

Created by him manga artist Tatsuya Endo, the SPY x Family series sold 12.5 million copies of its manga before the anime officially premiered on April 9. Since then, it has become one of the most popular new anime shows in Japan and the world. Below is a brief synopsis of Anya Forger:

anya is a girl that Twilight (Loid Forger) finds in an orphanage. Believing her to be a smart girl, he decides to adopt her for her mission. What he doesn’t know is that Anya is a telepath who escaped from the lab that gave her the power to read minds.

Finally, Anya Forger’s Tamagotchi will arrive at select retailers on December 17 for ¥2,530 JPY (approximately $20 USD). In the meantime, you can watch new episodes of the SPY x FAMILY show every Saturday on Crunchyroll and Netflix (Japan).

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