Bárbara Bermudo: “We feel anguish when it is our turn, but the reality is that breast cancer takes the lives of loved ones”

Barbara Bermudo.

Photo: Bárbara Bermudo / Courtesy

From a hospital Bárbara Bermudo He wanted to share a strong message with all his loyal followers and makes an important call in this month of October. “Many times we feel fear or anguish when it comes to us, but the reality is that each year, breast cancer claims the lives of loved ones.”

He also added: “However, when it is detected early, in a localized stage, the survival rate is 98 percent.”

About her visit to the hospital and how she was treated, she had to say: “I was very pampered by the wonderful team at Sunset Radiology. Thank you Tatiana, Carmen, Rosie, Mari and Orlando for the love and vocation. And always remember to examine yourself ”.

Through a video, the former conductor of Primer Impacto showed part of the process that takes place in hospitals when a woman undergoes this type of evaluation. Her followers support her and comment saying: “It is worth a while of pain that a sudden bite or a very long prosecution us to do when we can do something in time.”

Bárbara Bermudo, like many other celebrities, are spokespersons for these types of issues and work to raise awareness, since self-examination helps early detection and saves lives.

It should be remembered that these messages in the month of October correspond to the fact that the World Health Organization – WHO for its acronym – has declared around the world that this month is dedicated to raising awareness about breast cancer, which is why which seeks, in addition to informing, to motivate the realization of this type of exams.

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