Bárbara Camila breaks the silence and in Carolina Sandoval’s podcast tells why she left the University of Chicago

Bárbara Camila went to study at the University of Chicago for a year. There she completed her pre-med studies and although that dream is still alive and she continues to study, her desire to return home with her mother, Caroline Sandoval, together with the rest of his family and Miami was stronger.

The daughter of “La Venenosa” said that she does not take into consideration what they will say. She doesn’t care what people think or not. The story is different when it comes to the opinion of his mother, and the rest of his extended family. When she decided that she no longer wanted to be in Chicago, of course she thought about everything they could say, her biggest fear was believing that this would mean disappointing her mom.

But none of this happened, the disappointment never reached the heart of Carolina Sandoval, who was always there to welcome her daughter with open arms. Because for Caro the most important thing is that her daughter is happy.

The most important thing about this whole situation lies in everything that Barbara learned as a result of this situation. First, her goal is still there, she continues studying. But more importantly, it is knowing that we can all change our minds, that our dreams can be modified. And that the most important thing is that dreams should make you happy in the search to fulfill them. Because at the end of the day it is about her happiness and that is priceless for Carolina Sandoval.

About this situation, the Venezuelan left this brief thought on Instagram: “The heart commands and one must be where one feels happy beyond the people … life is very short and we should not live on what others say.”

Bárbara Camila said something very important: “This little bird learned to fly, and wanted to use its wings to return.”

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