Bárbara Camila, daughter of Carolina Sandoval, surprises with her thinness and great body before going to university

Carolina Sandoval he is going through a mixture of emotions, well there are very few days left until her daughter, Barbara Camila, goes to college to begin his medical studies. Much has been what the family has shared including the nostalgia for what until just over a year was one of the strongest talents in the world. Telemundo program, Suelta la Sopa. But what has surprised the followers of both is the thinness and tremendous body that Bárbara Camila has developed in recent days.

We already know that the teenager has always had a curvy and spectacular figure. Same that he inherited from his own Carolina Sandoval And if you don’t believe us, then look at past photos of The Venomous so that they drool with the spectacular figure that the journalist had. Curves that she still has, only now she is a mother and, like many women, pregnancy changed her body. But Bárbara Camila impressed by showing off her thinness And it is that the young woman and future doctor has been leading a healthier lifestyle and that has made her lose weight.

Let’s remember that a few weeks ago, Carolina Sandoval’s daughter, Bárbara Camila, impressed with a radical change of look, where her long and abundant hair was cut giving her a much more modern air. Now to that look is added the great body and new thinness who managed to develop the also influencer.

But, since not all that glitters is gold, just as the vast majority have rioted in flattery towards Barbara Camila, the same has not stopped criticizing her saying that she looks very old for her age. Remember that recently Carolina Sandoval’s daughter He faced digital bullying with grace and maturity after he received a good round of offenses and accusations.

Now Carolina Sandoval, Barbara Camila, Nick Hernández, Doña Amalia and Amalia Victoria prepare to fire the one who is the first daughter of La Venenosa and who has accompanied his mother through the tough and not so tough. Not in vain the Venezuelan herself has described her as: “A true teacher in her life.”

This will undoubtedly represent a sea change for Carolina Sandoval in terms of her routines, but it will surely also make her feel deep pride for having raised an exemplary student and a worthy representative of Latin women in this country. Congratulations to both of you for your achievements.

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