Barbara de Regil as an Aztec goddess from Punta de Mita

Barbara de Regil 34-year-old again dazzles her fans by appearing in a cute black swimsuit from Punta de Mita, where she looks spectacular, she also makes it clear that to look good you have to eat correctly, in addition to doing a lot of exercise like her likes.

And it is that with the naked eye you can see the well-formed abdomen of the Mexican actress who always tries to look perfect in the photos, also shares very emotional thoughts on her Instagram account where fans thank her for her way of thinking, since it helps them in their day to day.

Never let 2022 be your guide 1 single opinion from people who don’t know you
Plis You just dedicate yourself CREATE, GROW AND BELIEVE in YOU # 2022 Comment on the word LOVE without being interrupted, write in the photo the beautiful woman who reached more than 240 thousand likes in said photo, where she looks too beautiful.

As expected, her followers filled her with compliments and told her that she looks spectacular with any garment that she wears, especially beach outfits, because with these she shows how much she trains to look like a true goddess from the beach.

“I see his photos every day and he inspires me to love myself more and be in shape, this year he decreed to have my abdomen marked and a body like that, that’s why”, “You look very beautiful my love you look phenomenal mind beautiful heart you have a great body of ten miamor “,” @barbaraderegil beautiful woman who inspires. I love you my Barbara, you are the best and hopefully one day I will be the wonderful actress and empowered woman you are, “they write to Barbara de Regil in the photo.

For those who do not know, the haters were also present in the photo and wrote to the influencer that they do not like her fitness body at all, as they advised her that she needs more muscle, although it is not the first time that she has been attacked. He knows how to deal with this type of questioning, because although in the past it was hard for him, now he ignores them.

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