Bárbara de Regil leaves her fans on when parading with a transparent dress

Barbara de Regil has been shown in an impressive dress in transparencies when appearing as a special guest during the contest of Miss Universe Colombia.

The internet personality and actress of series like “Rosario Scissors”Has shared with his millions of fans, part of what has been the rehearsals for this important event and has caused a stir with his choice of clothing.

In the images that she has uploaded to her Instagram stories, she can be seen parading in a long white dress but with transparent fabric that reveal her underwear and of course her charms to the delight of her loyal fans.

As a catwalk is that she looks like a goddess catching the eyes of everyone around her, while the song of “Pretty woman”That has been perfectly with this moment.

What an honor to be part of the jury for Miss Universe Colombia. I had the opportunity to give a private motivational cardio class to the 24 participants and it was AMAZING, I HAVE NO WORDSRegil expressed under his publication.

Of course, her followers have been fascinated by seeing the famous woman succeed in another country, so they have not stopped praising her tremendous beauty at the event.

Divine! You already know that whenever you come to Colombia you will have arepa with chocolate“,”I feel so proud of you ma, always being here, supporting you through thick and thin. You are my role model. And I will always say that you deserve all the good that is happening to you. I love you sooo much and I will always be here“Some users of the social network have written to him.

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