Bárbara de Regil suffers a spectacular accident while on the beach

The controversial actress, Bárbara de Regil once again became the target of controversies in their social networks, although this time it was for moments of terror that she and her daughter lived, Mar de Regil, due to an accident they suffered while they were enjoying the view at the edge of the beach.

The actress of “Rosario Scissors” He has shared with his followers on social networks that he decided to take a vacation with his family in Ixtapa Zihuatanejo, all in order to get away from criticism for his explosive statements and relax for his latest project.

It was during this time that she decided to take some pictures on the shore of the beach and enjoy a moment with her daughter on some swings, it was at this moment when a gigantic wave hit the place where they were causing the actress to hit the rocks .

“A wave comes, it carries us away. Mar manages to grab the swings, but not me. You don’t know, I circled on top of the rocks “, said the actress assuring that her daughter is well thanks to the fact that she managed to hold on tightly, but she was dragged by the force of the sea.

“When the wave left, Mar and I died of laughter, but if I was scared a lot, I said ‘I was fine, she’s already danced’ but it wasn’t worth it, I’m fine,” added the actress who also shared some photographs in her stories of Instagram in which he shows some of the blows caused by the spectacular fall against the rocks.

Bárbara de Regil assured that both she and her daughter are well and the strong wave that pushed them did not cause serious injuries, so everything was left in a great scare that will lead them to be more cautious during their vacations and trust in the force of nature.


From the beaches of Ixtapa, in Guerrero, the 34-year-old actress, who gained fame with her role in “Rosario Tijeras” shared with his millions of fans a series of images in which she is seen sitting on a comfortable bunk and showing off her taste for the Christian Dior brand.

It can be seen that at Barbara’s feet there is a small bag with the logos of the fashion company, which, according to the company’s website, is a Montaigne Phone Holder, which has a value of one thousand dollars .

But what has attracted the most attention from Internet users is the beach bag seen behind the actress, who also surprised with her flirtatious look, since it is a Dior Book Tote, a piece that has a cost of 3 1,250 dollars, thus showing his taste for luxury brands.

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