Barbara de Regil takes a strong blow while recording a video

The actress and influencer Bárbara de Regil She has been characterized by being very active on her social networks where we can see her sharing most of your daily activities.

Although we have also seen de Regil venture into the world of comedy on social networks and this time, the influencer starred in a video in which we could see how had to take a hard hit to get the expected result.

How do we share you in AmericanPost.NewsAt the beginning of the year, Bárbara de Regil shared on her networks that she was taken off a plane due to a health problem, a situation in which we saw her very affected.

Bárbara de Regil takes a strong blow for making a video

The actress recognized the strong blow that was given Rumors say that it was Marco Antonio Regil who introduced them during an event

The influencer and actress Barbara of Regilrecently shared on his Tik Tok account, a video where performed a very funny audio.

In it, we can appreciate the actress hitting herselfsince it was part of the video and she herself considered that it would be a touch very funny.

From the audio that the influencer used, we can understand that it is about a mother who warns her daughter that stop taking a picture like that and immediately hit it.

The comical video has been viewed more than 113 thousand times and it was the same Bárbara de Regil who recognized the great blow that was given

“Hahahahaha I got a mega guamazo”

Who is Barbara de Regil’s husband?

Rumors say that it was Marco Antonio Regil who introduced them during an event

Lately we have seen the protagonist of “Rosario Tijera” freely sharing their love life on social networks.

He currently shares a love relationship with businessman Fernando Schoenwaldwho is said to have been the same Marco Antonio de Regil who introduced them

Fernando Schoenwald is a renowned businessman from the real estatedespite this, Schoenwald is law school graduate.

It was the same businessman who shared with the media that it was during an event that he attended with his friend Marco Antony Regilwhere seeing the influencer enter in a red dress, everything moved in slow motion and that was where felt the crush.

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