Barefoot Announces Launch of Its Oreo Flavored Red Wine and Sold Out the Same Day

Californian Barefoot wine – Photo: Monica Schipper / Getty Images

Just two days ago, the Californian wine brand Barefoot announced for this December 9 the launch of a limited edition of Oreo Thins Red Blend, each of them with a cost of $ 24.99 dollars. Starting today, they would be available online. The product ran out in just hours.

After solving the technical problems with the payment method, sales did not stop on the Barefoot’s online page. The wine brand now announces on its official Twitter account that the product is already sold out. And to apologize to their customers, they offer a 10% discount for the next order and a series of options and combinations of its wines with the prestigious Oreo cookie.

For the moment, while solving the “sold out” issue, as we imagine they will come with more special editions, Barefoot has exhibited a wine tasting they carried out to check which of their wines goes bettr with the prestigious chocolate sandwich cookie.

What other Barefoot wines could be paired with Oreo Thins? To find out, we organize our own wine tasting to find the best pairings.

The proposals are varied and, of course, to know which wine is which, you must enter Barefoot’s web page. The good news is that maybe it will be less expensive to make the combination of a Barefoot wine, which generally does not exceed $ 10 dollars, with a package of Oreo cookies that should not exceed $ 5 dollars.

Barefoot Cabernet Sauvignon + Original OREO Thins: a combination that is described as “toasted”, that is to say, hints of toasted marshmallow.

Barefoot Moscato + Golden OREO Thins: a sweet and creamy combination, ideal for after a dinner.

Barefoot Pinot Noir + OREO Dark Chocolate Cookies: the velvety Pinot Noir with notes of dark cherry, which creates a creamy texture when combined with the dark chocolate biscuit.

Barefoot Pinot Grigio + Lemon OREO Thins: a combination in which the acid fruit of the wine highlights the lemon filling of the biscuit. A perfect flavor for the afternoon or snack time

– Barefoot Sweet Red Blend + Mint OREO Thins: Apparently Barefoot’s favorite tasting combination. A sweet mix of red wine with the awakening of mint.

Obviously many of us perhaps imagine what a glass of wine accompanied by an Oreo cookie could taste like. And although in the case of the limited edition Oreo Thins Red Blend there is no real mix with chocolate, the taste of the Oreo cookie can be felt in the wine.