Barefoot in collaboration with Oreo announce the launch of their special edition red wine

Wine flavored with an Oreo cookie, it is the new proposal from Barefoot.

Photo: Photo by Posawee Suwannaphati / Pexels

Surely once you had a wine with a chocolate dessert, or simply with a piece of chocolate. Well now two large companies, each one specialized in different areas, bring us all in one, it is a chocolate flavored wine: Barefoot x OREO THINS Red Blend.

But please do not imagine a mixture of red wine with an Oreo cookie, on the contrary, imagine a delicious blend of blackberry and dark cherry scents transformed into delicious flavors of chocolate, cookies and cream. “With a smooth and persistent finish” according to the description on the bottle.

And also who said that Oreos only go well with milk, that’s why Barefoot wants to prove that wine is also a great choice for famous biscuits.

It is a special edition bottle, which is also sold in a special presentation that includes:

– 2 Bottles of 750ml of Barefoot x OREO THINS Red Blend.

– One 10 oz.package of THINS Chocolate Sandwich Oreo Cookies.

You can buy it online, on the Californian wine brand page, for a price of $ 24.99. The purchase can be made directly at

It is available from December 9 and both Barefoot and Oreo describe it as a liquor that “It will make your taste buds experience chocolate attacks.”

At the moment, this limited edition of Barefoot x Oreo will only be available within the United States, but manufacturers hope to be able to distribute it in other countries soon.

Although it was said that it would be available from December 9, since the wine brand announced the product on social networks, on December 7, Many consumers entered the page to try to buy it at once and the page experienced technical problems with the payment method.

For its part, Oreo, although it did not make the official announcement on its networks, maintained an exchange through Twitter with the Barefoot account, and was active with users who made comments.