Is it true? Pedro Infante’s grandson assures that his grandfather worked with the NARCOS

Mexico. — One of the theories that has always been popular about the world of Mexican entertainment is about the death of Pedro Infante. Presumably, the Sinaloan actor and singer wouldn’t have died in that tragic plane crash in April 1957, because he would have faked his death and thus completely moved away from the spotlight.

Although this theory has never been confirmed to be true, recently, an interview with his grandson, Cesar Augusto Infante, could have confirmed that it was a faked death, which has been giving a lot to talk about in recent days.

During a recent interview of the artist’s grandson with YouTuber Gusgri, Pedro Infante didn’t die in 1957 as is believed, but in 2013, at 95 years of age, which has made everyone begin to doubt his death.

Pedro Infante and the narcos

According to Pedro’s grandson, César Augusto Infante, his grandfather had ties to drug trafficking, which is why, at that time, was kidnapped to be tortured, changing the singer with another similar person in the plane in which he died several years ago.

“The public believed it, many people cried, many people committed suicide because their idol Pedro Infante had died, but it was not like that. They beat him up, he was locked up in Lecumberri, in the Marías Islands, in La Castañeda in Michoacán and in a prison in Sonora,” said Infante’s grandson.

Presumably, Pedro Infante had links to drug trafficking without realizing it. When noticing it, he decided to step away. However, it was too late: he was later kidnapped, a moment in his life in which they would have kept him drugged and in constant torture.

Pedro Infante’s alleged fake death

After being released, a former president would have given him the opportunity to return to public life, but with another identity, which Pedro ended up accepting and living as Antonio Pedro, but when questioned about whether he was the singer himself, he refused, since he was still under threat.

Likewise, the singer also explained that after years with another life Pedro Infante died at the age of 95 in Delicias, Chihuahua, on June 22, 2013.

Finally, César Augusto Infante assured that he has proof of everything and even shared the part of the Mexican entertainment world that was aware of the alleged death of Pedro Infante. Artists such as Silvia Pinal, Armando Manzanero, La Tongolele, Antonio Aguilar, Tin Tan, Cantinflas, Luis Aguilar and Los Tigres del Norte were the ones he mentioned.

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