Beautiful and deadly! Exotic pet kills a military man in Paraguay’s presidential house

Asunción.- One of the exotic pets attacked and killed a military man who guarded the Presidential residence of Paraguay. The attacker was a deer, whose species coexists with the country’s president at his official residence as part of an ancient tradition.

It was when the military man was fulfilling his security service in Mburuvicha Róga, the Guaraní name of the presidential house, during the early hours of Monday, January 3, when he was attacked by the animal that caused a wound to the chest, according to official sources.

The victim was identified as 42-year-old Assistant Infantry Sergeant Víctor Isasi Flecha. He died minutes after attack as a result of “cardiorespiratory arrest, cardiac tamponade, probable closed chest trauma.” This clinical picture was derived from “perforating injuries”, according to an official statement published by the Military Forces.

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Víctor Urdapilleta, spokesman for the military institution, explained that the closed circuit cameras of the place captured the exact moment of the animal attack. In the images, it is seen that Isasi Flecha approached the deer and it struck him hard.

The assistant sergeant was monitoring the habitat of the animals, but was not in charge of their care. Ursapilleta indicated that at the time of the attack, the man entered the area where the group of exotic animals were found and “there the reaction of the deer occurs,” the military man clarified.

“He had no need to go there, he could control from there, for unknown reasons he approached the place, what I noticed is that he raises his hand,” Urdapitella said in radio statements.

After the attack, Isasi Flecha was treated at the Police Hospital and later transferred to the Military Hospital. However, the doctors were unable to save his life, despite their efforts.

The spokesman for the Paraguayan Military Force assured that it is the first time that a animal attack of this magnitude with the presidential mascots. He explained that the deer are in a restricted area of ​​the presidential house, located in a residential neighborhood of Asunción.

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For his part, the director of Wildlife of the Ministry of the Environment, Frederick Bauer, detailed to the local media that the deer in question is an Axis from India. Some of these specimens were donated to the presidential residence while others were raised in the interior of the country.