Becky G boasts “boobies”, wags her tail and shows a preview of her new song

Becky G raises the temperature on Instagram.

Becky G raises the temperature on Instagram.

Photo: Rodrigo Varela. /Getty Images

Of course Becky G could not be left behind when you have been part of the masterminds that created “MAM III” who sings along with Carol G and “This is how you dance” beside Thalia and her friend Chiquis Rivera. Finally Becky G has a new song and showed his followers Instagram a piece of it showing off their boobies up close and wagging their tails to the beat of their new music.

for what he showed Becky G It seems to be a dance song and we can also presume that it is called “Caliente”. With a very short gray top, the singer showed part of her “boobies” closely to the camera of his cell phone during a “Live” he did on Instagram to show his new song to his fans. The joy could be perceived in the singer, who did not stop wag the tail and do the usual perreo urban genre.

Becky G explained that he was in the city of Miami precisely working on his new release. Let’s remember that she recently also launched her new Tresluce makeup line of which she is very proud. This without mentioning a show on Facebook Watch that the singer has, where she has had Chiquis Rivera as a guest and her boyfriend, Emilio Sánchez.

At the last ceremony of the Oscar Awards 2022. Becky Glcame to the red carpet with nude strapless dress and during the ceremony sang with Luis Fonsi the theme from the Disney movie “Charm”, “Don’t Talk About Bruno”. Later, he went to the charity party that Elton John does every year and there he impressed with a dress of metal chains with which his great figure was seen. Definitely the new album Becky G It will give a lot to talk about. While here we leave your success with Natti Natasha “No Pajamas”.

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