Becky G causes a stir with stunning dress

In AmericanPost.News we share that, the singer Becky G known for songs like “I dog alone”showed her beauty by wearing a spectacular dress short, revealing her elegance and bearing when walking, impacting the many followers who did not hesitate to make their love for the artist evident.

It is worth mentioning that Becky G, is characterized by looking stunning with the variety of looks that she uses and is that in addition to being one of the singers of the moment, she is also an important figure in fashion, which makes her a true icon of this industry.

That is why he visited New Yorkwell let’s remember that one of the most anticipated parades in this city is the week of the fashionwhere many artists of international stature come together to see the new outfits that designers celebrities have prepared.

Why did Becky G attend such an important parade?

“Becky G” singing Becky G and Bad Bunny

The Californian singer Becky G, went viral by assuring that the main reason why she attended the parade of the week of the fashionwas because it seeks to promote its culture Latina through her clothing, which is why her fans were more than fascinated to see her at such an important event.

In this context, it should be noted that the dress short black color with which she was captured, in addition to being elegant, she was also daring because she exposed part of her neckline and said outfit was accompanied by a simple hairstyle such as the famous ponytail.

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What song made Becky G famous?

Becky G and Bad Bunny

Singer Becky G. She has been one of the artists who has managed to attract the most public with her music, because it was thanks to the release of her song “Greater” in which the singer also participates bad bunnywhich became known in Latin America.

Since then, it has positioned itself within the top 10 of songs most listened to in all time, since they are followed by hits What “no pajamas”where he collaborates with Natti Natasha.

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