Becky G is presumed on the cover of prestigious magazine

Singer Becky G Through an Instagram post, he gave them the incredible news that he will be starring on the cover of the new edition of the magazine. Teen Vogueshared her experience and how excited she is to be this month’s new face.

This magazine, as its name says, is more focused on adolescents, where they touch on lighter and more diverse topics, they are usually starred by icons that are very fashionable for the public to which they are directed, to make small reports on their careers and that know more.

The fresh face of this month was that of the interpreter of “I danced with my ex”, at 25 years of age she has already been starring in several magazine covers and is always excited when she breaks the news to her millions of followers, so that this time was no exception and he took the trouble to thank everyone who was behind this event.

Becky G is presumed on the cover of Teen Vogue

Becky G is presumed on the cover of prestigious magazine Becky G enjoys world fame

The cover shows Becky G resting on the sofa, posing with an elegant bearing, full of security and her beauty standing out above all, the famous Californian wore a dark green suit with a peculiar white and gold design that gave her a sophisticated touch.

Some plants could be seen in the background, while the young singer looked serious, her dark hair was in a low ponytail, with some rebellious strands on the sides of her face, her beauty definitely impacted all viewers.

The Californian lately has been very focused on her career, so the successes have been very present in her, not long ago the interpreter of “Sin Pijama” was starring on the cover of “Variety” which caused a lot of emotion in her, it meant so much so that the tears could not be held back.

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Becky G enjoys world fame

Becky G enjoys world fame

And her impact on the fashion industry has been so impressive that Becky G is currently present at the first segment of the famous Fashion Week, the first stage takes place in New York City, the The 25-year-old singer caused a furor with her outfits.

Definitely this year has been one of the best in the career of the Latin artist, for all the success she has been accumulating, in the awards, in the relevance and in the good reception that her singles have been having, as well as her album.

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